Coming Early 2020!

The In Harmony Life Podcast is about learning how to find harmony in your parenting & healing journeys - with yourself, your partner, your children, Mother Earth, and humanity as a whole.  It's about breaking the cycles of disconnection that have been keeping humanity stuck in unconsciousness & building connections to replace those outdated ways of parenting.

It's about using your role as a parent to be the change you want to see and uncovering the parenting wisdom within yourself.

This podcast is designed to help you feel supported in your healing and parenting journeys.  It's main purpose is to empower parents to heal from their own childhoods and begin to trust their own inner wisdom.  Only then can we allow our children to be fully seen & heard, so they can enter adulthood feeling encouraged to embrace their higher selves.

How different would our lives have been had we had this kind of upbringing?  Think of the possibilities for human consciousness.  The shift will be magnificent!

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Ask a Question

Have a question, struggle or concern about parenthood you'd like me to talk about?  Ask it (anonymously if you want) HERE.

*Not all questions can be answered, but I will do my best to at least touch on each subject.*

Be a Guest

My Booch & Sage episodes feature a guest, and I'm looking for applicants.  If you have extensive knowledge or training in any area of holistic parenting, healing, or natural living, and would like to be on the podcast, please fill out an application.

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