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Parent & Family Sessions | Stephanie Aberlich

Parenthood is hard, but it doesn’t have to be this hard.

Are you feeling more frustrated and overwhelmed by parenthood than calm and confident?  Are you often confused or angered by your child’s behavior and actions?  Are you constantly worried about their safety, health and if everything they do is “normal”?  Do you feel expected to parent in ways that don’t feel right to your instincts, but you’re not sure how to parent in the way you want?  Do you feel ill-equipped to parent because of your own childhood trauma?  Do you feel like every other parent has it together except for you?

I want you to know something:

You aren’t broken.  You’re family isn’t broken.  You can heal.

I believe the Universe does not make mistakes or cause coincidences, but that everything is revealed to you when you need it most. So if you found me, it’s because you are supposed to be here and the wisdom I have to share with you is exactly what you need at this time. You were given this struggle, this crisis, or this difficult time in your life as a beautiful bridge towards transformation, and I would be honored to help guide you towards your own healing.


A 1 on 1 session is a chance to be heard and supported without judgement, in your specific and current parenting struggle. It gives you a chance to feel relief from your current stress immediately by getting your questions answered and/or giving you tools to move forward.

All sessions are 60 minutes long. You will leave each session with specific tools and tips you can implement that day, as well as a written overview with additional resources emailed to you after the session.

Sessions are done in home (only for Triangle NC residents), on the phone or via Skype.  All clients receive a free 30 minute consultation to make sure we are a good fit before accepting payment.

In Home Session 
$111 per hour

Phone/Skype Session
$77 per hour


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As a Holistic Parenting Educator I combine my 20 years experience in child development, behavior & learning, my vast education and knowledge of psychology, natural living & mindfulness, and my intuition to give parents the tools and encouragement they need to heal their family cycles and parent from a place of consciousness.

I’m a guide, a witness, a teacher, an encourager, and someone who will cheer you on and support you on your holistic parenting journey. 


There are 3 Areas I Address in All of My Work:


PARENTING EDUCATION to grow confidence

First and foremost I help parents understand their children better.  When you have the information to understand where your children are at developmentally, it is an incredibly beneficial tool for knowing how to move forward.  Having knowledge about child development and behavior, what is "normal or typical", and how long such "phases" may last gives you an immense amount of confidence in your parenting.

Instead of feeling lost, confused, or like you are going against your own mama instincts, I'll share with you the latest research and resources to support your inner knowing. Understanding the holistic "why" underlying your children's behaviors is an important piece I find to be missing from many parenting philosophies.  Read more about my philosophy HERE.


SELF AWARENESS to gain insight

Conscious parenting starts with self-awareness. We need to understand who we are and what our histories are so we can understand why we act the way we do.  We need to be aware of the traumas and limiting beliefs we have from our past so we can break those cycles going forward. The only way to change our future is to be aware of and heal from our past.

When we aren't aware of our own triggers and fears, we unconsciously repeat them with our children.  When we are aware, we can acknowledge them and support them without giving them free reign over our behaviors.  Only then, can we tap into and parent from our intuition instead of from fear.


COMMUNITY & SUPPORT because isolation sucks

We AREN'T meant to do this parenting thing alone.  Having a like-minded community to support you throughout your parenting journey is unbelievably important. Connecting you with a shame-free community or support system can help you feel grounded, understood, and confident.

Part of my goal is to help you find a place where you belong, where you can form friendships with other like minded parents, feel deeply supported in your decisions, and where you can see proof that this way of parenting not only works, but produces thriving parents and children.


And 4 Lenses I Look Through:

Physical development,
nutrition & toxins.

Triggers, traumas
& all the feelings.

Developmental milestones,
mindfulness & psychology.

Stuck chakras
& intuition.

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