The Beach. Bundle

Remember that blissful time pre-kids, when a day at the beach could be planned at the last minute? When you just grabbed your swimsuit & towel and headed to the beach with the windows down?

When it didn’t take hours to pack up the kids, you didn’t stress about car rides & diaper blowouts, and sand everywhere didn’t make you want to scream?

Imagine a beach trip with children that feels light and easy. One with less stress, no worry you’ve forgotten something, and plenty of preparation incase of meltdowns.

Where everyone’ s needs are met (including yours) and you get to exhale. To enjoy the sights and sounds, the fresh air, the sand between your toes. Where you actually can RELAX a little because you didn’t have to do all the planning, researching and organizing.

The BEACH. bundle is here to make beach planning in the first seven years of parenthood easy-peasy. The legwork is done for you, so you can focus your energy on what your heart truly wants: to be present with your favorite people.

Included in the BEACH. bundle:

Must Have Gear for a Stress-Free Trip
+ A Beach Thrifting Guide

101 Ideas for Child-Led Play at the Beach
+ 20 Page Beach Coloring Book

44 Simple Whole Foods for the Beach
+ 5 Delicious Quick Recipes

The Importance of Sun to Your Health
+ 3 Infographics on Heliotherapy

Natural After Sun Care for the Whole Family
+ Video & Recipe for DIY After Sun Lotion

How to Gently Introduce Your Child to Water
+ Audio Guide to Respectful Beach Language

How to Choose a Non-Toxic Sunscreen
+ 2 Infographics on Sunscreen

Painless Ways to Organize Your Beach Gear
+ Packing Check List

Your purchase not only helps you, it helps our precious oceans and marine life. A portion of each bundle purchase will be donated to . . Thank you for helping to protect our Mother Earth.