The Truth About Who I Really Am

It has been a long, long, torturous road to get here. Here. This tiny little turning point in my life that really isn't tiny at all. It's massive. It's huge. THIS is it, what I've been searching for.

The road has been filled with grief and pain, but the journey was needed, and is still not over. I learned so much about myself before getting here. I've learned the biggest mistake I've made in this life, how to heal myself, and the big Truth of humanity & life. I've learned how to detox from energy that is harmful to me, how to trust myself, the importance of boundaries and self care, and how to become what I already am.

I've been sitting in this new wisdom, learning and growing for a long time. For what feels like forever. And now it's time to do. Because what I've realized is every struggle I have ever faced and every experience I've ever had has been preparing me for this.

So although I may be bitting the dry skin on my lip while my toes tap the floor with anxiety, I'm not going to run from it anymore. I'm going to dive into it instead and start swimming.

Fear does not get to control me any longer.

Here is the place of my truth. The truth of who I really am. And the truth feels overwhelming and scary and also damn liberating!

The truth is, I'm an intuitive empath.

The truth is my soul's energy is that of a healer and teacher.

The truth is my purpose is to guide families, parents & children towards more conscious living.

And now that I know my truth, I can really begin to live from a place of deep understanding and wisdom. And the best part is, I can help other's while doing it!

So that's exactly what I'm starting to do. Even though my hands are shaking and I'm terrified. I'm starting anyway. I'm starting to live my truth and it feels amazing!

When you live your truth, the Universe celebrates by bringing magic into your life.

And anyone who has started living their truth can probably attest to that, it is magic. Things fall into place and the struggles and pain of the past start to not only make sense, but become beautiful teachings.  Because in my experience, figuring out who we are and then living it in this world is quite possibly the hardest thing we will ever do. It is bravery and courage personified. And not everyone will have the courage to live their truth in this lifetime.

So I will start blogging about the things I'm knowledgeable & passionate about – about natural and conscious parenting, about alternatives to western medicine, about homebirth and breastfeeding and cloth diapering, about child development, about holistic healing, about self awareness and the importance of self care, about the lies our culture tells us about sex and gender and success and our worth, and about the people and things who most need our love and support.

Not only that, I'm going to start doing what I feel I was put here to do - educate, encourage & empower. I'm going to teach workshops about holistic parenting, I'm going to use my skills as a Reiki Practitioner to help people heal themselves, and I'm going to use my 20 years of experience in child education & development to help parents understand their children better.

My to do list is long, but I'm excited to get started. I can not wait to share more of my story of healing with you, and my plans for the future.

With Harmony,