What No One Told You About Supporting Your Child’s Development w/ Dr. Lindsay Mumma

When I was pregnant, we bought a baby swing and rock n play to use with our itty bitty.  We had planned to wear our son often when out and about, and use the swing and rock n play conservatively, but I didn't exactly know how important those decisions were to the future health and wellbeing of my sons quickly developing body.

For me, those decisions were based on attachment theory and the intuition that told me I'd want to have my infant close.  I hadn't realized they were important for his physical development as well.

In the modern world we live in, there are thousands of advertisements telling you of the newest contraptions that you HAVE to have for your infant.  They convince you that sitting them up before they can do so by themselves, or leaving them in a carseat for hours at a time, are perfectly normal.  Not only normal, but beneficial to the parents.

But what if you knew differently?  What if you were aware of the damage these products were actually causing to the development of your infants spine and core strength?

On today's booch + sage, I introduce you to Dr. Lindsay Mumma.  She's a chiropractor and Birthfit educator who helped me learn the best ways to support my son's physical development as a new mom.

I am forever grateful for the information she shared with me.  So today it's your turn!

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This is a long one, but chalk full of wonderful information!

Here Are Some Highlights:

2:50 - Hear all about the odd way we first met
7:00 - Find out what healthy physical development looks likes, starting at birth
10:30 - Why your infants physical development is more about experience than a destination
13:25 - Find out the physical characteristic both infants & pregnant woman have in common
20:25 - Find out why sometimes it’s better for your child to crawl longer than walk earlier
23:00 - What stability is and why it’s so important
26:30 - This wisdom on balance blew my mind
28:26 - What you probably learned to do as a teenager that is messing up your health at this very moment
30:00 - The benefits, drawbacks & alternatives to contraptions for infants that are found in modern homes
36:25 - Find out the infant sleeping “rule” we both broke
40:17 - A reframing of what “safe” actually is when it comes to your child’s physical development
41:05 - Find out the ONE SIMPLE THING you can do to help their growth
43:58 - 7 questions with Dr. Mumma
48:00 - Why parenthood is a beautiful struggle
54:40 - Dr. Mumma’s biggest struggle in parenting
56:44 - Your Good Enough Option

Resources Mentioned:

Jame McKenna
Magda Gerber

Awareness Over Perfection

If you are anything like I was before learning about this, it's a lot of new information to take in.  It's easy to get overwhelmed by it all, so take it slow to keep your sanity!  Instead of throwing out all the products you have, take one small step today to change how you interact with your child that feels in alignment with your inner wisdom and doable in your current home.  Maybe just adjust the time they spend in plastics, or give away the contraption you use the least.

Tell Your Story

How does this information differ from what you've been told by others?  How did you find ways to keep your infants safe without impeding their physical development?  What tips or tricks would you give other new parents?  Share your story & wisdom below.

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