4 Natural Products to Keep Baby’s Skin & Hair Healthy

With all the baby products out there, it's hard to decided which is best to use for your baby. The truth is, you don't need ANY of the products being push by advertisements!

Mother Nature truly takes care of everything, even baby's hair & skin.  There are four very natural & inexpensive products that will do it all, and I cover them on today's show!

Why Does This Matter?

Our skin is our biggest & fastest growing organ.  It's also a habitat that's home to beneficial bacteria & microbes. This is why anti-bacterial soaps are horrible - they kill the good bacteria we need on our skin!

Our skin also protects us from the elements & bad microbes, protects our delicate insides, regulates body temperature, and detoxifies our bodies through our pours!

Skin is important.  So what we put on our babies skin is important! 

What's Different About Baby Skin?

It's extremely sensitive and underdeveloped so it's more important to watch what kind of products go on our infants & child's skin.

Many claim it also lacks moisture, however I find this claim to be questionable.  I believe it has more to do with the way vernix is wiped off of babies right after birth (instead of rubbed in), giving newborns baths right away, and the use of drying chemical laden baby products that affect the moisture producing abilities of most babies skin.

Want to know what vernix is and why is it so important? READ THIS.

What's In Many Baby Products?

Some scary shit like: fragrance, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, and the list goes on.  The bottom line is if you use simple, natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about the lists of ingredients you can’t pronounce!

If you need a list, check out this great resource from Women’s Voices for the Earth!  They have some wonderful information and a Green Mama Guide you can also get!

4 Products for a Healthy Baby:

1. Breastmilk

Properties: Filled with vitamins & minerals, antibacterial, filled with infection fighting white cells, and has over 200 known beneficial elements in it, with more being discovered.

Breastmilk is called liquid gold for a reason.  It's the most beneficial thing you can use on your babies skin and put in their mouth.

Uses:  Small cuts & scrapes, small mouth cuts or sores, mild skin irritations, the start of diaper rash (but NOT if it's yeast).

2. Coconut Oil

Properties:  Antibacterial, antifungal, moisturizing & it smells yummy!

Uses: Diaper rash, cradle cap, mild skin rashes, lotion.

3. Castile Soap

Properties: Vegetable oil based instead of animal fat or synthetic based, concentrated, completely biodegradable, cleans gently but effectively.

Uses:  It's the only thing you need to wash baby with. Bronner’s Castile Soap is my favorite, it comes in liquid & bar form.  Use a 1 to 2 dilution of castile soap to water for baby. 

For a newborn, all you need is water to wash them with.  As they get to be 3 months or so, start to use a small amount of hemp castile soap.  You can use lavender castile soup starting around 6 months.

4. Water

Properties:  Use filtered water if possible.

Uses: Fill a spray bottle with water and spray on microfiber or hemp cloths for wipes, the only thing you need to clean baby as a newborn, and what you need to dilute your castile soap.

Awareness Over Perfection

If you've used a bunch of baby products you now wish you hadn't, give yourself a break.  It's impossible to know everything as a new parent.  You can absolutely switch over to natural products now.

Tell Your Story

Did you use these simple ingredients on your baby's skin & hair?  How did they work for you?  Share your story & wisdom with the In Harmony Village in the comments!

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