3 Mindful Children’s Book Series Your Whole Family Will Love

Every other week, I take my son to the library to pick out new books.  This has become one of our favorite activities.

We scan the shelves for books about things he's interested in, while I always grab a couple books that introduce him to history or cultures he's not always surrounded by.

We've read books about celebrating Ramadan, Native American traditions, how tribes in Africa parent, and the struggles immigrant families face.

While enjoying the diversity of books we've found at the library, every once in a while we'll stumble upon a book that's not so mindful.

Many introduce ideas of being mean to others or acting in strict gender conforming ways, which I'm not too quick to normalize.  So we are always on the look out for books that have moral and mindful characters.

It didn't take long for me to stumble upon three mindful book series our whole family enjoys.  All of these books feel so empathetic and imaginative, and I am so in love with the messages they send.

Plus ALL have activites related to the books and continued learning available on their websites!


3 Mindful Children's Book Series:


Ordinary People Change the World Series
By: Brad Meltzer

3 MINDFUL CHILDREN’S BOOK SERIES YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE | Stephanie AberlichThe Ordinary People Change the World series was the first I found and I was in love!  Each book is a story about someone from history, and is written from a child's perspective.  There are a lot of historical figures to choose from which is also awesome.

The books are based on each person's real life and start when each hero was young.  The things they overcome as young children are so telling to how they change the world.  I love that my son is being exposed to these important historical stories in childhood, not to mention I've learned several things I didn't know from them.

While these books are phenomenal in topic and the morals they each teach, the pages can feel a little busy for small children.  I've found skipping over the quote bubbles, or only reading the quote bubbles can be very helpful if you are reading to a toddler or preschooler, so the book goes faster and can keep their attention.

Books in this series include:

I am Amelia Earhart
I am Abraham Lincoln
I am Albert Einstein
I am Rosa Parks
I am Lucille Ball
I am Jackie Robinson
I am Hellen Keller
I am Martin Luther King Jr.
I am Jane Goodall
I am George Washington
I am Jim Hensen
I am Sacagawea
I am Ghandi
I am Harriet Tubman


Read. Question. Think. Series
By: Andrea Beaty

3 MINDFUL CHILDREN’S BOOK SERIES YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE | Stephanie AberlichI'm not sure of the technical series name (or if there is one), but the three books Andrea Beaty has written about children finding what they are good at and the correlating profession are a new favorite of mine.

The syncopated rhythm and rhyming of these books is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, except with a wonderfully relatable story intertwined.

Each story shows how the adults in the child's life first don't understand or support their very real talents, and become annoyed.  But by the end, the adults are supportive and understanding of why these children do what they do.

The stories really spoke to me since it's so important to follow our child's lead when it comes to their natural talents and interests.

If we can step back and just pay attention, and then support their natural abilities, these books show what can come of it.  And I find that perspective not only refreshing, but a good reminder for the parents reading along.

Right now there are three books in this series and I hope many more to come. Andrea's website also gives activities and ways to learn more about each profession, which is wonderful for continued learning.

Books in this series include:

Iggy Peck Architect
Rosie Revere Engineer
Ada Twist Scientist


The Journey Trilogy
By: Aaron Becker

3 MINDFUL CHILDREN’S BOOK SERIES YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE | Stephanie AberlichI stumbled upon this series the last time we went to the library just the other week, and was so excited by what I found.

This series is different from the other two since each book is a continuation of the same characters story.  It's also unique because it's strictly a picture book, there are no words.

I love how much freedom this gives to your child's imagination.  It's amazing how intuitive a 2 year old can be in picking up feelings of the characters from images alone, and I find this change up in books important to not only creativity but emotional intelligence as well.

This three book series is about a lonely girl who imagines up marvelous adventures and worlds and is able to change the story herself by what she draws.  The art is absolutely stunning and detailed.

The resources for parents and teachers is also a great way to continue the imaginative play this book encourages.

Books in this series include:



Awareness Over Perfection

Have you ever grabbed a book quickly from the library, only to get home and find the story or characters were less than ideal?  I know I have.  So what to do now?

When our children are small, sometimes we can just skip the book or skip certain pages (since the really little ones love to pick up and model behaviors from things they see).

For our older children, this is actually a great learning experience.  Read the book with your child and discuss what moral issues you see, why people may have come to those conclusions, and how they could have acted differently.

Tell Your Story

Which children's book series have you and your children fallen in love with?  How do you and your children choose books?  What subjects, topics or authors are your favorites?  Tell me in the comments.

With Harmony,