How to Succeed in Breastfeeding – 4 Things You Need to Know

Why is something so natural often so difficult?

Breastfeeding is a wonderful, important topic, but one in which far too many women struggle.

My personal breastfeeding journey was littered with struggles.  My milk didn't come in until day 12, my son had both a lip & tongue tie (which we figured out how to work with thankfully), we struggled with thrush, lots of painful moments, and many many MANY times when I wanted to quit all together!

Without these tips, I am certain our breastfeeding relationship would have ended much sooner than either of us wanted.

There are four things I think every new mom needs to know about breastfeeding that I cover on today's Ask Stevie:

1. Educate Yourself

Knowledge is POWER, and that's especially true in parenting.  Understanding the vast and lasting benefits of breastfeeding is important to boosting your confidence, pushing through the hard times, and feeling like you've got this!

2. Find Support

You need a village!  Without talking to other moms who have already succeeded, you're much more likely to believe those misinformed doctors or family members who really don't know what's truly normal in breastfeeding.  Fear will creep in quickly, and before you know it you'll have used a supplement so much your milk is starting to dry up.  FIND BREASTFEEDING MAMAS and make them your friends!

3. Opt for a Natural Birth

When possible, having a natural birth (non-medicated and vaginal), will greatly help your chances of breastfeeding success.  Can you still succeed if you've had an epidural or c-section?  ABSOLUTELY!  It's typically more difficult because the hormones needed to encourage bonding and milk production are triggered by a vaginal birth.  But it's absolutely possible!

4. Trust Yourself & Your Baby

Without a doubt, the best advice I got and could give you is to trust yourself and your baby.  This doesn't mean to trust anxiety.  It means to tap into your inner wisdom and trust your babies cues, wet diapers, and their general disposition, along with your bodies cues.

Awareness Over Perfection

Often we go into parenthood unprepared.  Many times we avoid learning about topics that feel scary or uncomfortable as we prepare to become a parent.  If you weren't in a place to educate yourself and seek out help in the start of your breastfeeding relationship, or if breastfeeding didn't workout for you, be gentle with yourself.  Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions arise around it without judging them, and let them pass.  Know you did the best you could and celebrate yourself for seeking out help now.

Tell Your Story

What resources were important to you during your breastfeeding relationship?  What were your go tos for support and encouragement?  Share your story & wisdom with the In Harmony Village in the comments!

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