An Important Message of Love for Those Marching

Tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of people will gather in every state, and across the world for the Woman's March. A march whose message is for equality and justice and inclusiveness.

If we're going to prompt change, we have to show up.  We have to show up at this march, or others like it... that's not even a question. But we have to show up in a way that is mindful if we want to empower ourselves and change the course we are on as a country.

There is one thing I know for sure, and that is we can't show up with anger.

Wait, what?

But I'm F'n Pissed Off!!!

First of all, I hear you. I understand why you're angry. I'm in no way saying you can't be angry, or you shouldn't be angry. Nor am I saying you should be quiet, or meek – truthfully, I don't even understand those words.

I don't even think anger is bad. Honestly, I don't. I truly believe anger carries very important information that we need to listen to.

It's just when we end up marinating in anger instead of acknowledging it and then letting it pass through us, when we hold on to it, we do a great disservice to ourselves and to the problems we are trying to solve.

Passion is where positive energy and action collide.

- Stephanie Aberlich

That's why it's important to have a mindfulness practice (which I'll post ASAP for you) around anger so you can use your anger as the catalyst to get you to passion. Because passion is where it's at ya'll!

Passion is where positive energy and action collide.

How Energy Works

The energy we put out, we get back. It's that simple.  So if your energy is towards fighting, or resisting, or being against, you are putting the very energy out there that you say you don't believe in.


Because being against is fear based.

We know that an administration comfortable with inequality and discrimination, is coming from a place of fear. So we are essentially matching their vibration when we put out the energy of being against, or fighting back, or resisting.

So what's the answer?

We become FOR things instead of AGAINST them.

We can still stand up for our environment by being FOR cleaner energy instead of AGAINST fossil fuels. We can still stand up for LGBTQ rights by being FOR one love/all love instead of AGAINST hate. We can still support black lives by being FOR police transparency and justice instead of AGAINST police brutality & injustice. We can still support our Muslim & Mexican brothers & sisters by being FOR inclusion instead of AGAINST separation and registries.

And honestly, we can do these things even better and with greater impact when we focus on being FOR.

Do you see how this works?

Instead of focusing on what we don't want (thus putting that energy out in the Universe for it to come back to us), we are focusing on what we DO want (thus putting THAT out into the Universe for it to come back to us). So our protests and peaceful endeavors to affect social change are that much more mighty.

What's True

Since MLK was a huge inspiration for our country and this post, I want to talk about something Martin Luther King Jr. knew to be true. He knew the people opposing him weren't awake. He didn't think they were better or worse than him, but he understood the Truth, they were not mindful of their words or actions because they lived in a place of fear. He knew this and he understood it. So he knew the only way to reach them was to show them kindness and peaceful noncompliance instead of the hate and violence their souls were living in.

It's the same for those who were peaceful during the DAPL movement. They knew those who are trying to destroy the Earth are not aware individuals. They understand their motives are based in fears like greed and power. But instead of spewing hate on them, they are spreading love and seeing change. Slowly but surely.

Peace does not come from ignoring injustice and justice does not come from ignoring hate.

- Stephanie Aberlich

You see, I am in no way saying we need to ignore anything. We MUST do something, compliance is absolutely not an option.

Peace does not come from ignoring injustice and justice does not come from ignoring hate.

But, we must do it in a way that moves us forward instead of keeping us stuck in the cycle humans have been stuck in for eons.

Breaking the Cycle

Some people think peace isn't strong enough. They think we can't get anything done by being FOR things. They think change won't happen and it's really just being complacent.

But the truth is, peace is a much greater measure of courage and strength than fighting or being against will ever be.

It is much easier to get carried away with our anger than have control over our minds and use our actions for peace. And this is in NO WAY saying we are crazy or irrational because we are angry.  But letting anger rule is the same mentality that starts wars and continues cycles of unconsciousness.

Hate, fear, being against, and resisting, are the very energies that continue the cycle. Love breaks the cycle. And we need that cycle broken. We cannot affect the world positively when we continue old cycles that perpetuate fear. We have to break them. And we can only break them with love and light and kindness and understanding and empathy.

So we need to make a different choice. We need to see the Truth of the situation, which is that these people are living in a lot of fear. And the only antidote to fear is love.

Fear does not encourage fear to subside. Fear encourages fear to grow. Marching with fear or using fear based tactics for any kind of activism, is only adding fuel to the fear fire. Love is the water that puts the fire (assuming it's not a grease fire) out.

It's truth. MLK knew it, Gandhi knew it, and countless other peaceful activists have had the same message using different words when faced with fear based individuals, institutions, and leaders.

Mindful Marching

Ya'll as we go into this new phase of government, let's remember we DO have a voice and using it DOES matter. It matters big time, and using it for PEACE & LOVE & JUSTICE & EQUALITY is not only necessary, it's our JOB as mindful humans.

So be very mindful about the energy you are bringing to the march tomorrow, and when you call your Senators, and when you talk to people with different beliefs, and for the next four years, and for... well, forever.  Because when we have fear based activism, it is literally perpetuating the exact thing we say we don't want. It is feeding the fire of fear, it is feeding the fire of the very administration you don't agree with and giving them more power.

It's ok to be angry and mad and scared and frustrated and bewildered today. Honor those feelings, let them move through you, and then release them. Because when you go to march tomorrow, we need your peace and love and passion with you.

Put down your pitch forks and middle fingers and harsh worded signs. Instead, make some signs filled with love and what you are FOR (use #ISTANDFOR), and march with me tomorrow spreading love and light and acceptance out into the world.

Because the only way to change hearts stuck in fear, is with love.


With Harmony,