10 Interesting Tid Bits About Stevie

Everyone is so interesting.  We all have such unique stories and I love knowing quirky facts about my clients.  So I thought I'd share 10 interesting tid bits (Not Tim Bits) about me for your brain bank.  Maybe there's something completely random we have in common and can chat about at your next session!

  1.  I know every line to every Friend’s episode, complete with character accents.  I may have taped every original episode (that’s right, on VHS) when they aired and watched them every night before bed until I was in my 30’s.  And I maybe, just maybe, sent away for a collector's edition case for the DVD set.

2.  Musicals are my spiritual teachers.  I saw my first professional performance at 12 years old, and something in me came alive.  I feel completely at home and whole in a very deep way when I experience a musical.  It's something I can't fully explain to those that don't feel the same way.  But I’ve seen over 80 different musicals on Broadway or with a traveling cast, many several times.  Les Miserables, Rent, Wicked & Hamilton are just a few that profoundly changed my life.

3.  I’ve been skydiving 3 times and been on several zip lines (one over some huge valley’s in Costa Rica), but I’m scared to go bungee jumping.

4.  My husband and I want to sell our house and travel the country in an RV with our kids when they get older.  Little known fact – we almost did this right after we got married but I quickly decided we needed to “settle down” since I had a feeling I was pregnant (and I was).

5.  I DON’T drink coffee.  I don’t like the taste and honestly, I don’t want to feel like I need something every morning to function.  But I do love me some herbal coffee or booch.

6.  I was named after Stevie Nicks.  Well, that's what my dad claims.  My mom claims I was named after my godfather.  I'm sticking with the Stevie Nicks story.

7.  I get déjà vu an abnormally frequent amount.  I actually have tuned in enough now to know what will happen next as it’s happening.  It was a little unsettling at first, but now I know it’s the Universe’s way of telling me to pay close attention.

8.  I’ve worked in child education & development for nearly 20 years as: a Language Arts teacher, a day care worker, a program director, a theatre teacher, a photography instructor, a nanny, a Lifetouch photographer, and a camp counselor.  I’ve worked with children from newborn to adult, and with all abilities and I believe my connection with children is my real gift.

9.  I sometimes talk in random accents, on accident.  I don’t know when it will happen or what I’ll be saying when it does.  It's usually a Southern accent or a British one, and it’s rare for me to be able to replicate it.  My husband thinks it’s hysterical.

10.  I've been to 2 10-day long SILENT Vipassana meditation retreats and I would love to go again.  The first retreat deeply changed my life and set me on a very different course than the one I had been on.  I credit the teachings for opening a whole new world of mindfulness and natural living to me.

So there you have it, 10 fun facts about me!

Did you learn anything good?  Anything make you feel like we need to have a long discussion over tea?  I hope so cause I'd love to chat with you!

With Harmony,