10 Boho Inspired Breastmilk & Keepsake Jewelry Pieces I’m Drooling Over

I remember the first time I saw breastmilk jewelry.  I was intrigued!

Fast forward several years and I had a nearly 3 year old nursling who was telling me my milk was pretty much gone.


Not only did my mama heart start to break thinking our breastfeeding journey was coming to an abrupt end (and one he hadn't chosen), I hadn't ordered my breastmilk jewelry yet!

I tried to pump, but as a mama who never responded well to a breast pump, I was getting nothing!  Serious sad face!

Still, I searched for what I might want if my milk decided to come back (which thank Universe, it did!), and I came across an amazing collection of gorgeous pieces!

There are so many beautiful pieces, I still haven't decided which one I want to get.  However, don't let my indecision stop you if you find one you love! The real moral of my story is to get one made when you've got ample supply!

What's Breastmilk & Keepsake Jewelry?

Breastmilk & keepsake jewelry is jewelry with a real story behind it.  It takes something tangible from your parenting journey and makes it into something you can wear for a lifetime, and maybe even pass down to your children.

It's usually made using breastmilk, ashes, placenta, umbilical cord, hair, or a combination of them.  Typically a resin is added to the breastmilk (or other keepsake) to make it solid and then it's added to a piece of jewelry.

It's a very thoughtful gift for a breastfeeding mother or milk donor.  I really adore the idea, especially when it comes to celebrating the breastfeeding journey - which is such a struggle & process and something I feel strongly needs to be celebrated.

They are amazing gifts for Mother's Day or any holiday, or for any courageous parent out there who gave part of their heart to an angel baby.

Boho Inspired Keepsake Jewelry Pieces

Here are 10 of my favorite designs (plus an honorable mention) I found while on my search.  I would love to get them all but unfortunately the budget & milk supply won't allow.

Please also make sure to check out each of their websites, there are MANY more gorgeous pieces to choose from.

1. Rose Quartz Tipped Keepsake Crystal

Image from Beyond the Willow Tree - Used With Permission

Breastmilk plus real crystals?  Yes, please!  This Rose Quartz Tipped Keepsake Crystal from Beyond the Willow Tree is an absolutely stunning piece!  Offered as an Amethyst Tipped Keepsake Crystal as well, I just adore the use of real crystals included in breastmilk jewelry.  With rose quartz being the "love stone" used to open the heart chakra, and amethyst being a calming & protective stone, they are the perfect crystals to add to a piece of liquid gold kept close to your heart.

2. Sweet Ophelia Forever Ring

Image from Beyond the Willow Tree - Used With Permission

This Sweet Ophelia Forever Ring from Beyond the Willow Tree is an absolutely stunning piece with such an intricate design, but that's not all!  The diamonds used are certified 100% conflict free which I appreciate oh so very much. AND it's made with reclaimed gold!  I love a company with a conscious.  Besides being a gorgeous piece, the social awareness behind it makes me love it even more!

3. Vintage Round Stone Cuff Bracelet

Image by Debora Lacreta from Mama's Liquid Love - Used With Permission.

I found few bracelets on my search so I was very excited to stumble upon this gorgeous copper one from Mama's Liquid Love.  This Vintage Round Stone Cuff Bracelet is the perfect piece to add some pizzaz to any ensemble.  I just love how simple, yet elegant it is with the keepsake front and center.

4. Duchess Ring

Image from Indigo Willow - Used With Permission

This Duchess Ring from Indigo Willow has boho royalty written all over it.  I love the little hints of keepsake in this design.  The keepsake part is understated but it's still a gorgeous statement piece. Perfect for anyone who wants a little piece of their breastfeeding journey with them always.

5. Meditation Mala

Image from Sacred Legacy Arts - Used With Permission

I almost lost my mind when I found this Meditation Mala with a keepsake bead from Sacred Legacy Arts. What an amazing idea!  I can't get over the power of having such a special piece of your history with you as you meditate on your life's journey. Truly an inspired piece that would absolutely hold a special place in any mindful spirits heart.

6. Voyage Ring

Image from Sacred Legacy Arts - Used With Permission

I've been so inspired by the Lighthouse Series from Sacred Legacy Arts. They use part of the proceeds from this series, including this gorgeous Voyage Ring, to help give families keepsake jewelry who have had a loss in their family and are struggling financially. To use their art for good is beyond admirable. I just adore everything about the heart of this company!

7. Lotus Pendant

Image from Sacred Legacy Arts - Used With Permission

This Lotus Pendant from Sacred Legacy Arts is absolutely stunning!  You can use up to 3 different keepsake inclusions in it, which is unique for keepsake jewelry.  For the mama who wants to commemorate multiple keepsakes into one piece, this is perfect.  The gold version is made from pure reclaimed gold!  Upcycled is always something I'm looking for and I love the attention to detail and high quality eco friendly materials used.

8. Tree of Life Pendant with Chain

Image from Milk Memories - Used With Permission

I've seen so many tree of life pieces, but none as stunning as this Tree of Life Pendant from Milk Memories.  With a mother's placenta being the literal tree of life for the fetus in the womb, and breastmilk continuing to nourish life once Earth side, this pendant is a beautiful reminder of the power of the goddess which resides in all mothers.

9. Stacking Trio Rings

Image from Milk Memories - Used With Permission

I just love the look of stacking rings, and this set is adorable!  This Stacking Trio set from Milk Memories can be made with the same inclusions or different ones, depending on what look you want.  The versatility this piece offers makes it a wonderful piece for so many occasions.

10. Memory Cufflinks

Image from Milk Memories - Used With Permission

Most of these pieces have been focused on traditionally feminine jewelry, but I love that some of these companies are offering pieces more geared towards a masculine client, like these Memory Cufflinks from Milk Memories.  Whether celebrating the journey walked alongside a breastfeeding partner, the birth of a child, or the life of a loved one, it is wonderful to have something to wear in remembrance.

Honorable Mention - Geode Breastmilk Desk Ornament

Image from Indigo Willow - Used With Permission

For those who don't love wearing jewelry or are looking for something really unique, I've got ya covered!  This Geode Breastmilk Desk Ornament from Indigo Willow takes creativity to another level!  Use it on your desk, altar or nightstand!  Either way, it's a beautiful reminder of how powerful breastmilk is!

And if you haven't gotten enough of breastmilk & keepsake jewelry yet, checkout my Pinterest Board!  There's lots more to choose from!

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